Dear Customer,

Kindly note that we have a NON – REFUNDABLE policy for the amounts paid to the clinic, therefore,in any case, the payments effected to our Clinic will not be returned to you, as explained in the present Terms & Conditions relating to payments.

For this reason, before making a booking, we kindly ask you to make sure that you are able tocome at your chosen date & time.

Due to the fact that within the time slot allocated for your confirmedbooking we refuse other bookings, in case of cancellation or no-show, the deposit payments are non-refundable.

The payments for the procedure willbe done before the beginning of any procedure, and in anycase, after having had a consultation.

If deemed suitable for a procedure by the doctor, before deciding whether you wish to proceed with a procedure, please make sure you havea complete and thorough understanding of all aspectsinvolved in your chosen procedure, feel free to ask any questions that you might have and always be aware that you can refuse at any time having the procedure performed, if you do not consider it inyour best interest.

Booking deposit fees for Consultations

For the confirmation of a consultation with the doctor,you will be required to pay the deposit fee related to each type of procedure.

The cost of the consultation is deductible from the price of the procedure’s, if you choose to have it’them performed and if you are deemed suitable for the procedure, after the consultation.

The booking deposit fees for consultations are non- refundable, regardless of the reason for whichyou are unable to come at the scheduled day & time.

Booking deposit fees for consultations followed by Procedures (for DrDucu London Patients*)

The booking of any procedure, will consist of having a consultation before the procedure, which may be followed by the performing of the procedure (if you decideto do so), but it may result in thedoctor refusing to perform the procedure on you, assessing that youare not suitable for suchprocedure, or that it is not in your interest, for health or aesthetic reasons.

Please note that, if you have had the procedure before, and you wish to book directly the procedure, the deposit fee is related to the consultation for the procedure and the remainder of the amountdue will be paid before the procedure.

The price of the consultations are deductible from the price of the procedures, if you choose to have them performed and if you are deemed suitable for the procedure, after the consultation.

Please note that, in any case, we do not guarantee that after a consultation you will be deemed suitable for the procedure you have chosen, such depending on your best interest, considering your health conditions, medications taken, previously performed procedures and current medical necessities.

Kindly note that the deposit payment for the consultation is non-refundable, regardless of the reason, including, but not limited to, being deemed unsuitable for the procedure you have chosen.

Booking deposit fees for Trainings effected by the trainees

Due to the fact that within the time slot allocated for your confirmed bookingwe refuse otherbookings, in case of cancellationor no-show, the deposit payments for trainings are non-refundable.


The bookings for consultations can be rescheduled twice, subject to availabilities, however, after the second reschedule, you will need to pay a new booking fee, in case of cancellation. For reschedule process you must let us know at least 24 hours in advance. For models rescheduling is subject to availabilities and training dates.

As a trainee the bookings for training purposes cannot be rescheduled, therefore, if you wish to participate at another training, you will need to pay again the booking deposit fee.

*DrDucu London Patients are patients that have visited our Clinic before and have previously undergone the same procedure they wish to book now.The same applies for customers that havepreviously undergone the same procedure, but at a different Clinic.