Non-surgical BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift


Approximately 2 hours




Flat buttocks, cellulite and dimpling


Full recovery with no downtime


What is non-surgical BBL?

Non-surgical BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), also known as non-surgical buttock augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance and reshape the buttocks without the need for surgery.

Unlike traditional Brazilian Butt Lift, which involves fat transfer or buttock implants, the non-surgical BBL utilises non-invasive procedures to achieve similar results.
Our unique, worldwide-known technique, DBL (Ducu’s Butt Lift), invented by Dr. Ducu it is known for its benefits and for minimising the risk of infection and migration, having a 0% infection rate from 8 years of being on the market.

How does non-surgical BBL work?

The non-surgical BBL is the way to achieve those toned and sculpted buttocks you are dreaming of.
Why would you choose surgery when you have the option of a non-invasive procedure with long-lasting effects?

At Dr. Ducu Clinics we provide non-surgical BBL in London. It has never been easier to lift and volumise your buttocks.
The butt filler injections treatment in non-invasive.
Bum fillers are strategically injected into the buttocks to add volume, improve shape, and lift the buttock area.
These small butt injections provide an instant result and stimulate the body’s natural collagen.

Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
I have been 3 times for liquid bbl filler over the years, amazing results. barely any pain. feel confident in dr. Ducu’s abilities. Love my results. Highly recommend.
Sammia Begum
Sammia Begum
The moment I had stepped in to the clinic I was greeted by the lovely Dr Bisma who had performed my PRP. Dr Bisma was amazing from the start to finish,and with her wealth of knowledge and expertise, I knew I was in good hands. Whilst trying to provide comfort during this process and reassurance I was admired Dr Bisma’s sensitivity and compassion throughout. Thank you to Dr Bisma and the team for this experience. Would definitely recommend!
Steff Goldring
Steff Goldring
Just had my non surgical DBL with dr Bisma at Dr Ducu clinic. From start to finish everything was fully explained to me, high standards of clinical hygiene were involved throughout the procedure and the pain was managed continuously. Overall I felt minimal discomfort and I can’t wait to come back for more!
Coady Laurie
Coady Laurie
Absolutely amazing experience & the only Dr I would trust with my face, skin & Bum. I have had a non surgical BBL, Emerald Therapy & Fillers. Ducu gave me those little touches the gym and diet couldn’t.
sevgi t
sevgi t
Ce jour, j’ai fais une greffe pour les sourcils avec le Dr Ducu et c’est le meilleur médecin que j’ai rencontré. Il est très à l’écoute, a pu me conseiller au maximum, répondu à toutes mes questions. Très gentil, souriant. Je suis vraiment super contente d’être venue voir le Dr Ducu. Je vous le conseille à mille pour-cent les yeux fermés. Merci pour tout
Fatima J
Fatima J
I had a great experience at the clinic with Dr Bisma , she was fantastic very knowledgeable and put me at ease and always made sure that I was happy with the work done and has a great eye for detail. She’s a perfectionist I’ll definitely come back
Erika Saragoni
Erika Saragoni
I came here with a problem and he resolve in very professional way. The best ❤️❤️❤️
Sonia Santos
Sonia Santos
Very good job. Amazing team
Katrina Aleksa
Katrina Aleksa
Always such a treat! I came for a Simple treatment few months ago and have been coming back regularly since. It’s been absolutely wonderful
Léa Mary
Léa Mary
Dr Ducu is the best! I had an amazing experience with him and all of his team! He’s super nice and very helpful even when everything is done, he’s very connected on social media and he’s responding to all of your demands 🫶🏼

The non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

1. Consultation

Before the procedure, you will undergo a comprehensive and in-depth consultation to review and discuss your desired objectives.
Your buttock contour will be assessed to ascertain your eligibility for the non-surgical buttock lift procedure.

2. Application of the butt filler injections

On the day of your appointment, a local anesthetic will be administered to the area, after which the doctor will mark the injection sites. The hyaluronic acid butt fillers are administred through ultra fine needles to ensure precise results and unique contours. One entry point is used to minimise risk of infection therefore multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Aftercare

After the non-surgical BBL session, you may experience some swelling and bruising, which is normal. We will provide a full recovery plan for you and will address all the questions you might have. The non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift procedure side-effects are mild. The swelling and redness tend to last for 2-7 days, but you can return immediately to your daily routine.

4. Results

Results after the procedure are not final due to potential swelling and other body reactions. The final results after non-surgical BBL will begin to appear after 3 weeks. In any case, top-ups may be required.

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Here is why:

Non-Invasive: Unlike traditional surgical procedures, non-surgical BBL techniques do not require incisions, resulting in minimal trauma to the body and shorter recovery times.

Enhanced Curves: Non-surgical BBL can help enhance the curves and contours of the buttocks, providing a fuller and more shapely appearance.

Improved Symmetry: The butt fillers can address asymmetries or irregularities in buttock shape, creating a more balanced and proportionate appearance.

Natural-Looking Results: With the use of injectable fillers, the non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift can deliver natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with your existing contours.

Non-surgical BBL London benefits

The top notch technology and expertise we have at Dr. Ducu Clinics allow us to offer a long-lasting solution for an hourglass figure.

Whether your goal is icreasing the size and roundness of the buttocks or sculpting your body contours, the non-surgical BBL is the solution.

Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift - Frequently asked questions

A BBL is a great option for someone looking to enhance their backside. The candidate should be at a healthy weight and be in overall good health.

The product contains hyaluronic acid 2mg, cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20mg, sodium chloride 6.0mg and water for injection purposes.

Injecting the product is contraindicated in the following situations: sun exposure, smoking, pregnancy and breastfeeding, individuals with hypersensitivity to any of the compounds of the product, autoimmune diseases, leukemia, infectious diseases, blood clotting problems, infectious diseases, herpes, acne, unhealed skin problems, individuals with complications after surgeries or with permanent products injections (silicon, acrylic polymers, dextran), untreated infectious peridontitis, severe myasthenis, multiple sclerosis, Lamberton-Eaton syndrome, ALS, Parkinson or any other diseases that affect the muscles, blood or skin.

Before the Procedure the following activities are forbidden: alcohol use for a period of minimum 2 days, smoking, sun exposure or any other types of radiations, using medications such as antibiotics, aminoglycosides, spectinomycin or any medicine that interferes with the neuromuscular system, or with blood clotting or skin.

Please avoid drinking fizzy drinks or coffee and in the morning of the procedure try to have a full breakfast.

Before the procedure you will be given an antibiotic tablet, which is required to be taken pre procedure to minimise risk of infection. The agreed areas are then marked and discussed with the patient, afterwards the area is cleaned and disinfected, with the targeted area isolated with sterile drapes.

To make the procedure as comfortable as possible the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, using injection.

One entry point is used to minimise risk of infection therefore multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired outcome. Kindly note that the producer recommends a quantity of maximum 150 ml each side per session. Should you ever decide to proceed with more than this quantity, there will be a higher degree of potential risks.

Once localised, the product is then injected deep between the fat layer and muscle, for safety reasons, as well as to create a softer result.

Once the agreed quantity has been injected the area is massaged to spread the product which will create a softer and more comfortable feel. There is no need to massage the area again once this is done, and it is not recommended at all to do so after the procedure.

You will experience little to no downtime after a non-surgical BBL lift. Mild side effects like redness or numbing may occur for a few days after the procedure, but will not impact your ability to go back to work or resume exercise. It takes less than an hour to complete the procedure and does involve any downtime.

It takes between 1-2 hours to complete de procedure and you can sit down immediately after, because, as soon as the procedure ends, we do a deep tissue massage that makes the filler move whatever it was supposed to move before, and if the doctor notices any migration that is off the place, he will melt it instantly and in the same time you can sit down without worry that the filler will migrate. You have to wear loose clothing, unlike the surgical BBL (where you don’t) for at least 3 days, but we recommend 5.

Every procedure involves a certain amount of risk and it is important that you understand these risks and the possible complications associated with them. In addition, every procedure has limitations. An individual’s choice to undergo this procedure is based on the comparison of the risk to potential benefit.

Even though Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of the body, injecting it is likely to provoke a body response as if the molecule was a foreign body. Usually, such reactions are temporary, but in some cases they are permanent.

The long term effect of hyaluronic acid filler is unknown. The possibility of additional risk factors or complications attributable to the use of hyaluronic acid filler as a soft tissue filler may be discovered.

Considering the toxicity of the cross-linked agent found in the Product, injecting it may: diminish cellular viability, increase cytotixicity, alter the integrity of the membrane, reduce the potential of mitochondrial membrane and activate inflammatory response of the body Factors that can influence such reactions are the tolerance of the patient to injections, skin type and medical history of the patient.

In general, side effects occur within the first few days following injection. They usually last only for a short time, but they may last for several months and in rare cases, longer.

The quality of the clinical outcomes of the treatment cannot be evaluated a priori, and precise guarantees cannot be given about the result obtainable with this treatment, since the response and the individual conditions may be essential in determining the clinical response of the treated patient. Among the risks and side effects of the procedure include bruising, infection, swelling, pain, needle marks, acne like skin eruptions, skin sensitivity, erythema (skin redness) and asymmetry. These risks are usually temporary and solved on their own.

If the asymmetry is not corrected on its own, touch-ups may be required, with a risk of under/over correction.

The less likely risks include migration of filler, skin lumpiness, bleeding, visible tissue filler material, granulomas, stroke, cardiovascular and pulmonary complications, embolism, damage to the deeper structures, leakage or rupture of filler material, skin necrosis, open or draining wounds, healing problems, allergic reactions, hypersensitivity, drug and local anaesthetic reactions, depigmentation, venous thrombosis (clot) and sequelae, allergic reactions, fat/air embolism, persistent swelling (lymphedema), antibodies to fillers, accidental intra-arterial injection, scarring, major wound separation and unsatisfactory results. Unforeseen risks may require hospitalisation and/or extended outpatient therapy to permit adequate treatment.

After the Procedure the following activities are forbidden, for 1 week: manipulating the area(s) of injection, alcohol use, smoking, exposure to sun or other types of radiations, extreme temperatures (such as hot/cold showers, sauna, etc), using products for skin that are not recommended by the doctor for the area undergoing the procedure, any movements or actions of/on the area that can affect or traumatise the area (such as massaging the area, hitting, procedures or treatments on the area unless previously being assessed and deemed suitable by a healthcare practitioner).

Take short walks and proceed with your usual routine as long as it is not too straining. Sleep on your front for 7 days. Treated area to remain clean and dry for 24 hours. Avoid sun, sauna, baths, extreme heat or cold for 7 days and take your antibiotics as prescribed (1 every 8 hours). There may be some swelling and bruising post procedure which is a normal reaction, if any concerns please contact the Dr Ducu London team.

Dr. Ducu London team will always keep in contact with you to ensure you are well and for any enquires please feel free to contact us any time.

It lasts between 18 to 60 months, based on your metabolism and lifestyle, but if you do a touch up of 50 ml each side every 9-12 months after 3-4 years it will not go unless you melt it.

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