Profile balancing

Perfect from every angle

This technique is a combination of fillers and Bo.tox to harmonize your profile by sharpening your jawline, adjusting the chin, increasing the size of the cheekbones. In the same time, we can do your lips or the nose. We enhance your look, but keeping you natural.   

Profile balancing, overall, allows us to understand how the proportions of the face should appear in relation to one another to achieve complete harmony from a side profile. The use of subtle non-surgical enhancements is effective at balancing the facial anatomy to attain a more aesthetic appearance.

It is normal to expect some mild swelling post-procedure than can last 24-48 hours though using cold compress will relieve this. We use an exceptionally fine needle meaning bruising, if this does occur, is usually mild and transient. Allowing you to immediately return to your daily activities.


The pictures are from the patients' personal archives

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