Lip Lift

Keep your natural-looking lips

A lip lift is a simple procedure designed to elevate your upper lip. Since the procedure increases the amount of pink lip tissue visible, your lips will look fuller, plumper and change your hole face.

Lip enhancement procedures add or restore volume to the lips and define the vertical lines around the lips, at the cupid’s bow, keeping its natural appearance.

After a lip lift, you can generally return to normal activities in one or two weeks. There is usually some mild bruising and swelling that begins to resolve within a week of the surgery. You may experience numbness for up to several days after the surgery.

Avoid medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Naproxen, others) for two weeks before and after surgery. These medications may increase bleeding. Substances to Avoid: Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, for these will dramatically slow the healing process.

There’s another surgical procedure known as a lip lift that can give you a different kind of pout. Unlike lip fillers, it’s permanent and very natural looking.

There are some people who are not suited for this procedure. One of the most common reasons for unsuitability is a significantly higher proportion of the teeth that show. If lifting the lip would result in further showing of the teeth, the patient won’t get the desired result of improving his or her features. However, a referral to a cosmetic dentist who can perform a tooth shortening treatment may address this issue. In those cases, the procedure may still be an option.

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