Under eye

A fresh look whatever you do

Eye fillers are common for alleviating darkness under the eyes in the area known as the under-eye trough. This filler is used to soften the infraorbital hollowing that is commonly known to make you look tired. The final result is a fresh look.

The great thing about under eye fillers is that you can generally see a difference straight after the treatment. It can take a few days for the side effects to subside, after which you should start to see an even bigger improvement.

Practitioners will often use a numbing solution to make sure you feel as little pain or discomfort as possible, and many fillers actually contain anesthetic, meaning in a lot of cases, you likely won’t feel anything.

They generally last around 6-18 months, but this really depends on the individual and how quickly they metabolize them. For some people, it’s more, for others, less. It’s thought that people who exercise more tend to metabolize it quicker (though that’s not necessarily a reason not to go to the gym), and this can also vary depending on factors like skin type and age.


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