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To rejuvenate hands and help restore and refresh the skin, we will usually recommend a Bespoke combination of fillers and vitamins for a youthful skin.

This will depend on the hand filler formula that is used, as well as certain lifestyle issues that affect your hand usage. Because the fillers are absorbed by the body and eliminated over time, a person with less “wear and tear” on their hands will generally see longer lasting results.

However, typically, the fullness in hands may last for 12 to 18 months after one gets hand filler injections.

No. Patients do not need to take time off from their job or daily activities after hand filler injections.  However, during the next 24 hours, you shouldn’t exert yourself or perspire – so don’t go on a run, cycle or exercise class for a day.  Also avoid any activities that will expose your hands to intense or direct sunlight for the next day or two.

Hand filler results are immediate – so patients will notice an immediate improvement in the fullness of their hands. The benefits may continue to improve over time, as the body is also stimulated to make more natural collagen in the treated area.

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