Hairline Lowering

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This procedure is also called forehead reduction and involves lowering the hairline, shorten the vertical height of the forehead. It is designed to help patients with a large forehead or high hairline.

This procedure can shorten the distance between the hairline and the eyebrows. When used in conjunction with hair grafting, it is possible to change the shape of the hairline, making it more oval or rounded by filling in the upper temporal or side regions.

  • Significantly less post-op discomfort or pain.
  • No linear scar.
  • Surgical wounds that are much smaller and less obvious and only require days to heal.
  • Individual hair follicle harvesting allows for donor hair to be extracted from areas that have been impossible to harvest using the more traditional methods such as zones located on the sides of the scalp as well as the beard or body.
  • Extraction of hair from dense donor areas of the scalp and redistributing those hairs to the balding areas in order to minimize the contrast of balding and donor areas. This strategic extraction allows for a more even appearance of hair in donor areas that minimizes the appearance of balding.

Most patients set aside 2 to 7 days after their surgery to recover. While FUE scars usually heal within 2 to 4 days, it may take up to one week for the donor area to have a healed appearance that is free of scabs. Individual results may vary.

No, you won’t have any scar. For women who have long hair, after 5 days it looks like nothing happened, but it is ideal to wear bangs.


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