More volume, better profile

Chin filler is a very popular treatment used to enhance the face. We can help the side profile of the face by projecting a weak chin, or elongating a short chin, or slimming the jawline/chin creating a more ‘V’ shape look.

Each individual is different, but on average chin filler lasts 1 to 1.5 years (and sometimes longer).

There really is not any downtime after having chin filler. There is usually some mild swelling for a few days, and sometimes people have bruising that comes on the next day, but each individual is different. After chin filler treatment, you can still go about your normal life.

There is little to no pain with chin filler treatment. We apply topical numbing prior to the filler injections. Furthermore, the filler syringe itself has lidocaine in it for extra numbing effects. Once the first 1 to 2 injections are performed, the patient will begin to feel their chin become even more numb.

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