EMS Stimulator

It’s so simple to have the perfect body

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the exercise method of the future. By combining the normal activity of exercise with the modern technology of electrodes attached to the body, a whole new world of productivity and optimisation of the body becomes achievable.

EMS essentially stimulates the nerves and induces muscle contractions, mimicking the way your muscles contract during a workout.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a form of exercise which uses electric currents to send signals to your body’s muscles to contract. As it uses the same type of signal that your body uses to contract muscles itself, it feels like a natural amplification of your range of motion.

When undertaking EMS training, you can recruit significantly more muscle fibres than performing the same movement without this additional electrical stimulation.

Yes, EMS can help with back pain by increasing blood circulation to the muscles and increasing strength in the core area in a low impact, joint friendly way.

EMS training is a total body workout. It’s designed to help people lose weight, increase their strength, grow their muscles, and it’s also ideal for use for injury rehab and for relieving muscular tension.

We recommend at least 2 days of recovery in between EMS sessions, and longer if you have only recently started EMS training. Your trainer will discuss a safe and effective schedule with you that fits around your life and other fitness commitments.

We provide special EMS suits for each client – available in a wide range of sizes. These special cotton suits are designed to retain moisture, giving better contact with the electrical pads on the EMS body suit.

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